February 09, 2007

Random Ramblings Of The Day

So glad it's Friday. The boyfriend is finally coming home for the Chinese New Year holidays tomorrow. I haven't seen him in four months ... and boy, it sure was a long wait. Takes a lot of hard work to keep the fire going in a long-distanced relationship. Especially when you're going through rough patches on your own. I'm very excited to seeing him again this Sunday (duh, obviously :p).


The bosses belanja-ed everyone in the department mandarin oranges today in light of the upcoming festive season. Yay, free kum!


My project won RM600 at a company-wide technical assessment, which is to be divided amongst three project members. Cheh, was really expecting a lot more (at least a four figure sum). Geram.


Why are there no decent Chinese movies for the Chinese New Year season?! Are there even any?


Anna Nicole Smith died. Shocking.


Man, the time sure drags when you're just waiting to go home.


beetrice said...

Err..was that a 4-figure sum for you yourself or the whole project to be divvied up? Cos RM1000 among 3 pple still quite paltry leh..hehe..

zeroimpact said...

Mandarin oranges has become a norm
And who is this Anna

Tine said...

Beetrice: No lah, it's RM600 divided by THREE members. And after potong tax here and there, I'd be real lucky to even get RM150. Seriously, it should have been more. I'm obviously still real sour about it *grumble grumble*.

Zeroimpact: The ex-Playboy lady who married this really old rich guy (89, I think), who then kicked the bucket? There was this BIG lawsuit going on amongst the family when she tried getting her share of the mass fortune.