February 07, 2007

Spammers Stay Away!

UPDATE: I have enabled comments moderation for the time being, until this mess is sorted out. To my faithful readers, my humble apologies.

I've been receiving derogatory comments of late (which had NOTHING whatsover to do with my entries), which I had to remove. These are comments with curses and blasphemous words which are slanderous against me. To top it up, there were also religious comments which were absolutely unnecessary.

I believe these comments are not written by the original authors, but by people who are using their names to leave such horrible comments on other people's blogs. Is anyone else facing this problem with spammers who are not only a sandwich short of a picnic, but cowards as well?

I do not wish to activate comments moderation, but if this shit keeps up, I'm going to have to do so.

To those who posted such nonsense on my blog, you have no business here. If you do not like what I'm writing, please stay the hell away. Practise a little courtesy in not leaving your unwanted footprints behind.


RyeUrn said...

People do have too much free time on their hands don't they? Down with spammers!!!

menj said...

There are many such people who have lots of time to spare but I would not call them "spammers" as spamming equals to sending unsolicited commercial e-mail. The correct word is trolls.

Ooi Chuan Aun said...

Spammers is not the correct word for this kind of people. I think you mean trolls.

Ahirudin Attan said...

Blogs are online newspapers so naturally a blogger has to function as a newspaper editor to control content. That's called self-censorship.

zeroimpact said...

Do the things that you need to

Tine said...

Ryeurn: Yeah, not just free time, but with plenty of malicious intent. Down with 'em trolls, I say!

Menj: Aye, aye, got it. Thanks :)

Ooi: Thanks oh sifu :p

Ahirudin: You have a point. I guess I'll have no choice by to control what comes in now.

Zeroimpact: Thanks, mate. I know what to do now :)