February 26, 2007

Encounter With A Road Bully

Road bully

I had a really pissy encounter with a road bully this morning. I have to say, this was definitely my first time, and boy, was it unpleasant.

I went to the bank in the morning with a colleague to renew my road tax (it expires tomorrow; yep, I'm a massive procrastinator). He needed to get his road tax and insurance renewed too, so we figured we'd carpool to our respective banks. He waited for me in the car as I went to do my thing in the bank (parking was horrendous at the area; it was best to just have someone wait in the car).

After I settled my road tax, I started walking out of the bank, towards the car, when this pickup truck reversed pretty close to my car. My colleague honked the driver, to alert him that he's backing up a tad too close, and to my surprise and disgust, the driver stuck out his head out of the window, and started yelling at us in Hokkien, "there's enough space lah! Honk for what? @#$%!!" He was really loud, and attracted quite a lot of passerbys.

I got into my car, and that was when the driver actually got out of his car, started yelling some more, came to my car, to the driver's area. I couldn't alert my colleague to lock the door in time. The driver actually OPENED the car door, STUCK his head in, and yelled obscenities at us, asking us why we're honking at him when there was enough space for him to back into.

I got really angry, and started yelling back in Hokkien, "enough already, enough already, let's go! Let's go!!" The driver still had his hand on my car door, but it was a good thing my colleague was strong enough to pull the door shut and locked it. We were both fuming mad, and the fella was still yelling as we drove away (at that point, I thought he looked like a fool screaming at no one). Too bad he couldn't hear me with my doors and windows shut, because I was seriously yelling my head off. Yeah I know, there's no point in wasting my saliva, but I had to let it out. Yet ... honestly? I was pretty scared.

Despite all the yelling back and forth, I realised that things could get really messy if there weren't passerbys around the area. The driver looked quite well-dressed, and the pickup looked pretty new, but his attitude and behaviour resembled a neandertal's. I was thinking that if he wouldn't let go of the door, I'd press on the horn non-stop till the guards from the bank come forward. At least I would be able to draw more attention to our cars, and he wouldn't be able to try any hanky panky anyway.

Man, my blood's still boiling from the incident. Seriously, people could look so decent from the outside, but in actual fact are total barbarians. Too bad I couldn't take a photo of the bugger at the time (well, to be honest, I would be too chicken to do so anyway); at least it would serve as a warning to the public to be aware of such a road bully. Grrr.


Huei said...

OMGG!! u should've threaten him and tell him

"WTF u wan..now go police station settle wan??"

these kind of people should be gotten rid off lah..disrespectful! but u were patient, maybe it's a better choice to ignore..i would've started a scene if i were u >.<


beetrice said...

Haha..now you sound like me on my endless rants about KL drivers!! *rofl*

Frankly, the only kind of language these drivers understand are for you to stoop to their level and hurl obscenities as well...

Sigh...these are the kind of people that think themselves so 'progressive' for wearing Gucci and driving Mercs, but mentality still that of (or worse than?) a 'kampung boy'...

Gallivanter said...

There are lots of idiots who don't deserve a driving license. I can't believe the fella did that, he must've thought that it'll boost his ego, screaming like a barbarian. Luckily it went alright in the end for ya...

Tine said...

Huei: Hahaha, hmm ... well, I'll probably just drive off, and if the bugger's stupid enough to actually follow and tailgate me, I'll just drive to the nearest police station. Let's see if the idiot would like to 'settle his score' there. What an ass.

Honestly, it's not a matter of patience, because if I really were patient, I would not have shouted back at him then. I was more afraid that he might actually do something bad; heck, he even opened my car door, for goodness' sake. Who knows if he might have pulled my colleague out and bash him up or something?

This is the reason I keep my steering lock with me in front. Believe me, it's NOT just for locking my car.

Beetrice: Hehehe, I know!

I would have wanted to throw obscenities at him, but I have always, ALWAYS drawn the line at swearing in Hokkien, as I believe it's the crudest form of swearing ever. I would have cursed at him in English, but the fella looked so "china ah pek", I figured he probably wouldn't even understand.

Gallivanter: Yeah, thank God it went all right, as in the guy didn't do anything else after my colleague slammed the door shut at his face. But I'd leave it down to the many people who were passing by the area.