February 02, 2007

Thaipusam Holiday at Queensbay

My Thaipusam holiday was spent at Queensbay Mall. Sad, huh? It was mum's idea, actually.

"Girl, let's all do something exciting tomorrow, as a family", mum suggested.

"Oh, okay, where shall we go? Drive somewhere for good food?"

"Let's all, as a family ... go to Queensbay!"

" ... "

Can't argue my way out of a family outing, so, we headed off to Queensbay, which, by the way, was fully-packed with people. Sometimes I wonder, oi, where do all these people come from?! Man, if some weird-ass terrorist were to bomb that shopping mall, probably half of Penang's population will be wiped out. Yeah, no kidding.

Queensbay Mall

Anyhoos, walked around the mall a bit, shopped a bit. A lot of shops were already either heavily decorated with Chinese New Year paraphernalia, Valentine's Day's mushy hearts and whatnots, or both. I've only been to the mall thrice, and I have yet to see everything.

Had lunch at T.G.I.Friday's. I was quite skeptical when my parents suggested Friday's for lunch, what with the bad reviews of the Penang branch and all. Moreover, my colleagues had a bad run-in with their staff too; they complained that the staff were obnoxious, and the service was poor. To my surprise, we had pretty good service today. The staff who attended to us were really polite (mum was pretty appalled at them kneeling on the floor while taking our orders though. I had to reassure her that it's the norm for all the Friday's I've been too, which was one in KL, and two in Japan). Although the food came rather slowly, the portions were large, and we had a good meal. I just might return to Friday's in the near future, just to see if the service deteriorates. Hehe.

Damnit, just bit my gum eating oranges just now. Gonna have a huge ulcer soon :(


Jemima said...

It has been years since my one & only visit to Penang.

Hope that you'll be my tourist guide.. if I go there again one of these days, k? ;)

zeroimpact said...

Not a bad place with large servings
By the way, gotta be careful bout the biting gum stuff, don't want to be deprived of the CNY goodies don't you
Take care

Tine said...

Jemima: No problem! Come, come!! :D

Zeroimpact: Yeah, very American, hehe.

About the biting of gums, what to do, very heaty leh :(

beetrice said...

Haha..back to Queensbay again? No more ice cream this time ah? ;)

Come KL soon lah...I'll soon introduce you to the food at Riblees (SUPER nice if you like ribs!!)

As for biting gums, well...maybe if you bite your lip instead, you won't need collagen to get those 'bee stung' lips?? *grinz*

Tine said...

Beetrice: No leh, we passed by the parlour, but didn't get any.

Ooooh ... yay, jom pi makan tulang :P

Ouch! Thanks, but NO thanks girl! There's a cheap cosmetic solution to bee stung lips these days, and it doesn't include biting my own lip! :P