February 22, 2007

Of Being Engaged & Sorting Out The Income Tax Thingy

I'm finally back at the office after over a week away from it. It was very quiet, and the attendance was rather pathetic, as most of my colleagues were still enjoying their CNY holidays in their respective hometowns. I would so have liked to take this whole week off too, but no thanks to having to salvage as much annual leave as I can, I had to drag my tired ass to work today.

I gained about a sad kilo over the CNY holidays, thanks to all the yummy food (and not-so-yummy ones ... everyone's a glutton during CNY, whether the food's good or not). Gonna have to get back to my exercise regime, and also to tighten my yo-yo diet, if I'm gonna fit into my wedding gown ;)

Speaking of which, it is still pretty weird to think that I'm now engaged to be married, and that my single days would soon be over. It's even weirder to call your boyfriend your fiance. I'm still trying to grasp all that has happened the past week, which was a whirlwind of events. What seemed even weirder is that, not long ago, I was helping to plan a girlfriend's wedding, and now that it's my own, I feel lost. Gotta get my bearings together, and head out of the clouds first, before I really start to sort things out. I made a pact with the boyfriend to not talk about wedding plans and details for more than twice a week, unless it's necessary, as I do not want to put so much emphasis in planning a wedding, and in the end, forgetting what's truly important in a relationship. I've read of couples who worked their asses off (the brides, that is. What can I say, we women are perfectionists) in planning the perfect wedding, but ended up putting a major strain in the beginning of their marriage to their other half. I certainly do not want that.

With the proposal (I just might tell you how that went, we'll see ;)), many events kickstarted. Like planning a wedding. Meeting the folks (that went pretty all right, thank the Lord). Searching for a job Down Under (which is going to be bloody difficult, given that I'm still here, without an Australian PR and/or work permit). Still surviving my current job. Sigh. Lord, I pray for strength to overcome all these. I have faith that You'll be with us, guiding us through this period. Amen.

Anyhoos, first things first - gotta sort out the income tax thingy. Does anyone know when the deadline to submitting the income tax thingy is? I don't think my company's handed us our J-forms yet though, so it musn't be in February. Gosh, I'm hopeless in such things.


zeroimpact said...

I guess the hardest thing is planning the event and it's the most stressful moment in a relationship before it turns into a life long journey
I think income tax should be submitted somewhere in May, but then I'm not sure, I need the reminders as well
Any how, congratulations again and I'm sure the planning will go well too

beetrice said...

I think submission deadline is 30th April, but don't take my word for it...

Just as lost as you, especially since I have to file tax forms this year!! Usually the Tax Dept mails the forms to your residence...

Jemima said...

Tax dateline is 30th April.

Looks like I'll be visiting you in Melbourne instead of Penang.. hehe

Anything you want to know about planning your wedding.. visit http://eternity-wedding06.blogspot.com/

You'll love her blog as much as I do.

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: Yeah, I think so too. I'm just trying my hardest to not get caught in the moment, and put too much focus in planning the wedding, when it's the aftermath which is the most challenging, as it would be the start of a marriage for life.

Thanks for the kind wishes again, me friend :)

Beetrice: Hahaha! Yay, your turn! :P I think we can do it online or something, but I'm not too sure ...

Jemima: Penang, Melbourne, you're welcome anywhere, me friend! Come, come! :)

Thanks for the link. I checked out her site; haven't read it all yet, but her links and such sure are useful :)