February 08, 2007

Comments Are Now Moderated

Many thanks to the original authors who replied my emails on clarifying the offensive comments. Just as I expected, the comments were not written by them. Apparently there are trolls (yeps, sorry, not spammers) lurking about the blogosphere, creating havoc by imposting other bloggers. I'm not sorry to call these trolls cowards; if you wanna say something, have the guts to say it's from you. If not, don't even bother saying it at all.

Sigh ... I was hoping that I do not need to moderate the comments which readers leave on my blog. Sad to say that I cannot trust everyone to leave proper comments. I'm not saying that I do not welcome criticism; by all means, go ahead. Please tell me if there are areas which I need to improve upon, and no, I don't just mean my blog. After all, we're all here on a learning journey. But when there are people who cross the line and leave inappropriate comments (racist, religious, etc) when they are uncalled for, I'm afraid this is something I cannot and will not accept. From now on, all comments will be moderated. Self-censorship, as they say?

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