February 05, 2007

Forced To Change To New Blogger

Blogger just pissed me off big time. I've been adamant in not moving to the new Blogger because of all the known problems it gave. I was determined to stay at my current one, which I had no problems with.

Until I was met with this.

New Blogger

I could no longer stay with the old Blogger. No matter what I did, I came back to that stupid page. The bloody platform forced me to change; if I do not switch to the new Blogger, I can't access my blog. It had better not give me problems, or else. Gah!



Wingz said...

yea it happened to me also! now all my old post is not working anymore!!! u say fark anot la??!!!

Lucifer said...

poor doll, i know how you feel ...well if its not too late ...just don't upgrade your templates first... better take the new blogger a spin first..

beetrice said...

yups, I know...so confusing to navigate now also...sheesh...but so far no problems as far as I can see...*fingers crossed*

Paris Beaverbanks said...

I upgraded stupidly when it was beta but I kept my template classic. So far so good *fingers crossed* btw I love love love your new header pic! :D

Merv Kwok said...

New blogger don't seem to bad. I kinda like having labels. Means I'm not thinking of defecting to Wordpress ever so often haha

Chloe said...
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Tine said...

Wingz: Ha? Serious? Old posts not working? Alamak! *slap forehead*

Lucifer: I'm definitely NOT upgrading my template, that's for sure. Took me so long to come up with what I have now (I know it's not much, but given my limited HTML and CSS knowledge, it's an improvement already), I'm not screwing it up.

Beetrice: I'm still checking out the new features. So far, yeah, it's quite confusing to navigate. Fingers crossed that nothing happens to mine too.

Paris: Awww thanks. Just for the upcoming occasion lah :p But yeah, keep the template classic. I reckon it'll give you less of a hassle ;)

Merv: Hmm ... I'm actually contemplating on labelling my posts too. Will have to come with 'em for hundreds of posts though. Quite lazy :p

Erna Mahyuni said...
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menj said...
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