February 02, 2007

My Favourite Malaysian Bloggers

Many thanks to Paris for listing my blog as one of her regular reads. Muchos touched :)

Ahhh ... tagged by her once again, and this time, it's a meme on five of my favourite Malaysian bloggers.

Aww, man! Choosing only five is no easy feat, as I'm a huge blog addict, from Malaysian blogs to the international ones. I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I read over 20 blogs each day (and these are the REGULAR ones). Yep, I'm THAT kay po.

The blogs I read are either real funny, controversial or both. It's good to maintain a balance; there are plenty of good writers out there. You wanna know the latest happenings in Malaysia or even the world? Instead of heading to news sites like BBC or The Star, just check out PPS. Chances are, there'll be more than 5 bloggers writing on the same issues. Great source of info; it's like Malaysian's very own Craiglist. Hehe.

Anyways, I digress. Here is my list of favourite Malaysian bloggers, which I regularly read, in no particular order:

Serendipidity in the making
Okay, I'm obviously going to be biased here, cos she's my cousin, but yeah, her blog RAWKS. Her rants on crazy Malaysian drivers are hilarious, and doing what she does, man, does she have access to celebrities
(albeit local) or what? A very good writer, with a heart of gold. And her dog, Patches, is absolutely adorable.

Paris Beaverbanks
I first got to 'know' Paris from her beauty blog. I enjoy her writing, whether it's on beauty stuff, or just on her everyday musings (she's also got pretty good budget tips). Yep, we're both crazzzy bag fans, all right. Tee hee hee!

But Enough About You
I enjoy this blog so much, that I read ALL of his entries from the start, TWICE. He's really funny, and everyone's just dying to see how he looks like, and his man, NM. He's a very good writer, with his wit and dry humour, he never failed to crack me up with his posts. He's also a very creative artist. I do not know him, but I wish I do. It really is too bad that he's stopped blogging now. This man will go far.

A Malaysian joining the rat race in Singapore. Super funny writer, especially on his observations while taking the bus to work. I just starting lurking on this blog not too long ago, and what I see, I like.

Jemima's Journal
This is not your usual blog of ramblings and rants. She's candid with her feelings, which were beautifully written on her blog. The pictures she uses with each entry complements her words.

Don't think I'm gonna tag anyone today. I've got another meme on my hands, so feel free to nick this for your own ;)


Jemima said...

WOW! I feel sooooo super honoured to be on your list. Like winning lottery la! *Blushes* *turning as red as tomato liao* ;)

Seriously, Tine.. I started my blog as a private blog which I initially told only 4 friends.
Somehow, along the way, more & more friends like yourself drops by each passing day.. & that gives me an inspiration to blog even more.

So, thank you, thank you. You ve a cool blog & you're a cool gal, too. :)


beetrice said...

*turns beet-red* (haha, geddit?)

It's an honour, ma dear...I get plenty of inspiration reading your blog too, so it's a win-win situation lah...

Wait till I start blogging about our lovely grandma's antics here then you know...*rofl*

relax said...

my first time here.

i m gonna read the blogs you recommended :)

thankz + love

zeroimpact said...

I think I should visit some of these links

Jay said...

Aw shucks!

Thank you for the recommendation and the very kind words. I'm not sure you're right about me going far though - these days I'm just doing a whole lotta sitting on my arse. Which is nice, but not particularly productive... especially since my mom thinks I should be out there looking for a wife :(

Tine said...

Jemima: Aww ... hehehe, thanks. Ini bukan lottery lah (okay, maybe it also felt like one to me when I won a place at Paris' and Bea's blog :p).

I started mine as a private blog too; only a few close friends and family knew about it, cos you know lah, the more people you know who reads the blog, the more careful you gotta be in your content. But after a while, I figured, what the heck, it might be nice to have other readers whom you don't already know. And you know what? It does! :D


Beetrice: Ouch! Pun me, why don't you? Hehehe :P

I am awaiting your posts on grandma. What she do this time? Enough of staring your fish already ah? Tee hee hee!

Relax: Hi! Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, do check 'em out. I definitely recommend them ;)

Zeroimpact: Good, good. Hehehe :P

Jay: Oh hi!! Wow, how did you even get here? :P

So go tell your mum already. How many times do you wanna hear "Ah chai, lei kei see chui lou por?" (son, when you gonna get married?) :P

Anyhoos, all the best. Say hi to NM for me ;)

Kleio said...

I am a fan of Jay too. He rocks. Same here, I read all his archive post too. Been missing him alot. Hope he does come back to us soon. Hope he is healthy and doing fine.