February 23, 2007

Comments And A New Blog

I've finally managed to reply the comments posted on my blog. See, this is what happens when I have to moderate the comments which come in. All the extra work, sheesh. Anyways, muchos apologies for not leaving any comments on your blogs lately; I've only just finished reading posts from the last 10 days. Man, y'all sure are real happenin' ;)

I'm currently in the midst of starting a new blog, which will focus on my wedding preparations and all. I figured it would be better to separate my personal blog from the wedding one, 'cos believe me, not everyone's keen on reading about weddings over and over again (I was one of 'em). It will be a writing ground for me to pen my thoughts and ideas, which would, most importantly, serve as a lovely record for the fiance and I. I hope to keep wedding talk to a minimum, if possible, not at all, over here. Will let y'all know when it's up and running.

A short note:
Kleio, thanks for the Z-list angpow. I shall get to that soon when I have the time.

Paris, ahh ... another meme. Interesting one, this time. I too shall get to that soonish.


Jemima said...

Great idea to have a separate blog for the wedding... just like Eternity's. :)

Btw, she's pregnant & she now has a baby blog. ;)

Will love to visit you one of these days. Thanks for the offer.

Keep in touch, my friend. HUGS!

zeroimpact said...

Wow, another blog
I guess the effort is needed when you need to moderate
It's just exhausting
Will be waiting for the new one

Kleio the Muse said...

I love reading about weddings :D - especially those with plentiful of wedding pixs *wink* Hope all goes well with your wedding planning. Can't wait to be updated about it.

Tine said...

Jemima: Yeah, I actually took the idea from Eternity's blog. I've seen a lot of wedding blogs around, and I figured, why not? Haha, I read of her good news too. It's great reading something like that.

Zeroimpact: Yeah, tell me about it. Have to log on to Blogger just to see the comments to be moderated. A real pain in the behind.

Anyways, hope you like the new one :)

Kleio: Hehehe, me too, especially the ones with the pictures, eh? My girlfriends and I would go ooh and ahh over 'em :p