March 11, 2007

Adding Labels To Posts

I'm thinking of adding labels to my posts. Methinks it's going to be easier categorising my entries, makes archive-reading more flexible. But man, with a little over 300 previous posts to label, it's going to be a bummer. Thinking of proper labels is a headache too.

Gah. It'd be so much easier if Blogger had this feature from the very beginning. What lah.


zeroimpact said...

Creating the labels is just one part of the nightmare
Retrieving the post and tagging them with it is the ultimate catastrophe
Well, it's a beginning to start tagging though, before the number grows too large and the mind grows weary

beetrice said...

no kidding...I thought of doing that too, but geez, I'm bordering on 500 posts (and not all of them can be categorized!)

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: Oh yeah, that was a real pain in the ass. Took me all afternoon to catergorise each post!

Beetrice: SERIOUS?? Close to 500 posts already? Wahhhh ... and I thought doing my 300+ was a hassle. Good luck lah, girl. Hehehe!

Kleio said...

I just re-catergorised mine last week. Whew! Only 50 over post already a scream doing it. I am still not very sastified with it even after the re-sorting. Virgos are very hard to please woman. Perfectionist biatch. lol. I am a pain in the you-know-where even to myself.