March 16, 2007

I Want Me A Macbook!

A conversation between Tim and I last night. We were chatting about the types of perfume I like, and somehow it got to this.

Me: Dear, there's no need for you to buy me any more perfume, as I already have too many bottles. Waste money nia.

Tim: Ok lor. What do you want me to get you then?

Me: Anything also can.

Tim: Ahh ... I bet you've been thinking quite a bit about your engagement ring, right? (I haven't gotten one yet, by the way)

Me: Actually no woh. I've been thinking of the Macbook for quite some time now. It's simply GORGEOUS.

Tim: Huh? So strange one.

Me: Dear, is there such a thing as an engagement laptop ah?

Tim: ...

This is what happens when you wanna marry a tech-freak nerd. What diamond ring, OMG, have you even SEEN the beautiful, drool-worthy notebook?


I reckon asking for a ring AND a laptop would be a tad OTT. Shucks.


beetrice said...

I'd definitely say so...would probably be VERY DIFFICULT to explain to the future in-laws...*rofl*

beetrice said...

And geez girl, he's asking you what you want!! (me needs to find one like that..eeps!!)

bc said...

I can't help laugh out loud when I read colleague tot I gone crazy
Anyway last year bought macbook for sis (she pays of coz!) n I really reluctant to giv it up to her. :) For a non-techno freak like me, its really is something... pity I got my brick (that looks just like urs) n have no reason (and $) to change for a new one.
Also ya... engagement laptop? what are u thinking girl?! u know hi-tech stuffs like this go outdated very soon, imagine 5 years down the road will be: "Errr... My engagement "gift" was a laptop, but it is sooo slow now... I dun knwo what to do w it...."

Jibone said...

I wish I could give my girlfriend a laptop instead of a ring :p

TrueBluePenangite said...

Ring and laptop!!!!


Laptop=wedding present

Like that mah can loh.

The catch is that you have to buy him 2 presents also lah. Only fair nia, right?

Man, that post was so funny I had to show John. Girl, you rock!

Tine said...

Beetrice: Hehehe okay what ... hmm, should squeeze more now hoh, 'cos after married, sure get nothing ady :P

BC: I know!! So terror right, the notebook? Sigh ... beautiful man. Never mind lah, engagement laptop can recycle every few years :P Hahahaha!!

Jibone: Hmm actually when you think about it, a laptop's a lot cheaper than the ring. At least you can use it too :P

Truebluepenangite: Shucks. Must get him two presents also hoh? Never mind lar, I still like the idea of a *ahem* wedding present :P

Kleio da Muse said...


When I read this post of yours I nearly laugh my head off. That's because also I told my hubby to get me a laptop is he win 4D or gets extra dough one day and forget about diamond rings and such. He was speech less. Diamond ring... cheh... I could do without one lah. I told him. Then I said, I don't mind having one if you have so much cash that you wanted to throw in a diamond ring together with a laptop. LOL

Gadgets I love em. Just that I don't have the buying power to conquer them yet. Wait till then lah.

Tine said...

Kleio: Hahaha, exactly! High-five, girl! For some reason, gadgets turn me on a whole lot more than the bling. Of course, if he's willing to throw the bling in with the gadget mix, oh won't we love 'em even more? Tee hee hee :D