March 11, 2007

Cellnique's Pro Sebum Gel - An Updated Review

Thought I'd post an update from a previous entry, on Cellnique's Pro Sebum Gel. Well, I wouldn't consider that entry an actual review, as I only just bought it then, and since I only used it for a couple of days, a review wouldn't be justified. I've also received emails (thanks!) requesting I let 'em know if the product was any good.

Let's recap, shall we? The product claimed that with by using the daily maintenance gel, it'll slow oil secretion down, leaving skin clear, thus producing smooth visible results in 10 pain-free days.

The label indicated that I should apply the gel on affected skin area, but I slathered it evenly all over my face. Dunno if I'm supposed to do that, but hey, I'm Asian. I follow the Cantonese saying "sek tak mou sai" (literally, "if it can be eaten, then don't waste it) to the letter.

It's a little over 10 days now, and I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with the product. My blackheads were significantly lightened. I can't say they've all disappeared, 'cos despite what Cellnique claims, unless you do an actual extraction, you can't remove all of them. Also, I have not had problems with whiteheads since I started using the Pro Sebum Gel. The nose area is not as oily as before, thus allowing my makeup to last a little longer.

You will feel a tightening sensation on the face a few seconds after you apply it; some might like this, some might not (you might find your skin feeling a tad dry). I had no problems with this ... well, so far anyway.

, I'm definitely happy with this product, and will buy it when it's finished. I'm not sure how long a bottle will last me though; I reckon it should last about 2 to 3 months. I'd recommend this to people with oily or combination skin.

This is not a sponsored post.


Anonymous said...

Hello...did u ever use the Skin Whitening Essence and Skin Whitening Pure from cellnique? Wonder is it work for pigmentation problem.

Tine said...

Anonymous: Hi hi, thanks for dropping by. Nope, haven't used any other products of Cellnique other than the Pro Sebum Gel. Sorry, can't help you there.

Lee said...

hihi, fyi Cellnique actually contain 2 range of products, one of my best friend is a Cellnique Skin Care Consultant actually told me that Pro Series Sebum Gel (can get fr Sasa or pharmacy) is less effective compare with those sell in professional skin care salon. I personally tried and the result was amazing!. About the product of Whitening, you can check with the Skin care centre too, i think is more effective and not so expensive too, Should give a try !

jo said...

wat other product are you using besides pro sebum gel? care to share?

is it okay to combine pro sebum gel with other brands of products?


Tine said...

Apologies for the late replies.

Lee: Hmm ... that sounds like a plan. The skin care salon for Cellnique's not too far from my house. I shall give it a try when my current gel is finished. So far, it's been nothing but good results. I've never been more satisfied with any other product than I have with this one.

Jo: Hi Jo. Thanks for dropping by. I'm currently using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturiser as well. Hmm ... I believe I shall post an entry about that, since it's been real useful to me too.

I have no problems combining the Pro Sebum Gel with other brands of products. In fact, other than my toner and moisturiser, I've been mixing and matching all my other products! :)

jo said...

thanks for your reply!

I've purchased the pro sebum gel too. used it for a few weeks. was hoping for miraculous result as the promoter told me (which is blackheads being washed off easily after 3 days of application) but it didnt happen.

But i've less problems of break outs. Prior to this, I've blackheads on my cheeks and chins which would gradually turned into pimples. Still of lotsa scars.

Hey, yeah, I'm interested to hear your review on Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturiser. Btw, what skin type do you have?


Tine said...

Jo: Good to hear that you're experiencing less breakouts. Me too actually. I think it's the daily use of the tea tree extract in the gel which helped. I normally break out like crazy during my period, but amazingly, after using it, I didn't.

I wouldn't expect immediate results to the gel (after all, if it was THAT good, it would not be sold at RM139; I reckon it would be more), but at least there's significant improvement, which is good.

Ahh ... I shall try to do a review on the Clinique Moisturiser. I'm a tad busy right now, but yeah, it's would be good to give a bit of a review on that.

My skin type's a combination of oily and dry - oily around the T-zone (hence the very shiny nose), and dry around the cheeks. Quite a pain really.

Carrie said...


i using cellnique few years ago.. and recently i know a gal work inside and she teach me use the cellnique product..all very suitable me...and she give me cheap price not only help me to save money..and also make my face "leng leng".

So if anyone interested..can buy the item from me.. can get cheaper price..

like those cleanser, sebum gel, masque too. i often to consult my friend to use depend on what skin type they are.. they very happy with my explanation too.. any consult.can let me know ya..


Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

hi Carrie,
im interested in the products that u're selling. can u contact me pls
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thx ya! =)