March 10, 2007

Huge Software Sale

The heights of software piracy has reached such a recognisable level:

Huge Software Sale

That picture would be the total reverse of my dad and I. I'd tell him I need to buy new software for my notebook (well, they're not exactly all that *ahem* legal, but you know what I mean). His answer?

"Aiyo ... buy?? Waste money nia. Come, I download for you".

Shucks. Well, that's Daddy for ya.

PS: What did you think this entry was going to be? Perhaps a notice to tell you where to buy very cheap software? Download lah. Hehehe :p


jenny said...

Yes, strongly agree with you. I also used to download sharewares or freewares from Internet. www

zeroimpact said...

Yup, but then download version got time limit
I see there's a crack on the wall

Tine said...

Jenny: Actually, I still do that. I'd rather be using freewares if I can. The popular, heavy-duty software tend to give my computer problems. The smaller and simpler the program, the better.

Zeroimpact: Ahh ... where would we be WITHOUT the cracks?? :P