March 24, 2007

Off To Japan

Leaving for the land of the rising sun tomorrow. I'm almost done packing; well, there's only so little to pack anyways, since I'm practically bringing an empty bag there to pack my stuff home.

I will have little access to the Internet (yeah, isn't that shocking, being in the land of technology?!) for the next five days. Won't be updating my blog, but if possible, might drop in a line or two on Twitter, so stay tuned. I heard it's still pretty cold in Japan. Time to whip out the woolies!

Have a good weekend, folks.


Paris said...

Wah have fun! even if you'll prob only get this when you get back :)

Kleio da Muse said...

Have fun and go nuts ya. Don't forget to post lotsa pixs when you get back ;)

Japan is a place I have always wanted to go. I betcha really enjoyed yourself there tremendously.

Jemima said...

Miss you lotz, my friend.
We'll catch up when you get back, k.

Enjoy your stay, Tine.