March 14, 2007

Random Thoughts Of The Day

From the past couple of entries, guess you can tell I've not been feeling all peaches and cream. Real glad to have my fiance to talk to about my problems; at least there's a place to unload, and it's even better that he's been real understanding about me (thanks babes). Also thanks to Bea, who texted me and understood what I was going through too. Thanks girl.

Gotta stop the emotional posts; damn, I'm starting to depress myself (and everyone else, no doubt).

Is it weird that I'm listening to Christmas songs at the office during this time of the year? Yeah? Okay.

Looking forward to going to Japan, but too bad don't have enough time to shop. Drats.

Need to save money. Stop thinking about shopping.

Collected my new pair of glasses yesterday (no choice, had to buy, as the previous one snapped into two. And no, I did NOT sit my big ass on it). Nice pair of rimless ones. The nose pads are cutting into my skin though. Gah.

In dire need of a pedicure and hair treatment, no thanks to cracked heels and dead-grass hair.

Hmmm ... what to eat for lunch?


Jemima said...

Had my pedicure last week.

Now, I'm not sure if I want to grow my hair or get it all cropped off again.
I cropped it short last Nov & I've been letting it grow since. :p

beetrice said...

No worries la girl, everyone needs somewhere to vent...some (like us) shop to relieve stress, which doesn't really help the problem to SAVE, right? *rofl*

Like I said, my offer is still open.. ;) *wink*

Tine said...

Jemima: Aww nice. I really need a pedi, that's for sure. Unsightly cracks on my heels are really putting me off wearing heels *gulp*

Beetrice: Hehe, ya lor, unfortunately, I'm the kind who relieves stress easier with retail therapy. Drats.

Love to take you up on your offer, dear girl, but sadly, cannot. Sigh. But it's not over, of course. There WILL be more *shake fists in air* :P