March 07, 2007

Amazing Knitting

There's your usual grandma's-sweater-and-scarf knitting, and then, amazingly, there's this.

Knitting Pins

Green Mittens

Christmas Minis

Pram Suit

Romper Suit

I must say, I was stunned at the detail and effort put in here. Kinda makes me ashamed oh how I complained about how difficult it was to knit a simple scarf. At the end of the day, I suppose it all comes down to whether you have the interest or not, eh? Definitely not for such a lazy bugger like me. Hehe.

You can view more of this knitter's creations here.


zeroimpact said...

That is amazing!
With dolls that size, I had a hard doing one piece clothing for figurines last time but I don't know knitting.
Did the bangle one last time too but now forget everything edi
It really takes interest and patience

Kleio da Muse said...

Oh wow. She must have love her dolls very very much :P

And I can't even finish a small cross-stitch. Ahem *blush*

bc said...

opps... reminded me better start getting material for someone's gift, to avoid sewing in the hotel's room toilet again....(u know wat I mean ;p)

Dark Purple, lilac n very light pink..... will design that into the thingy.... best if u giv me color sample....thanks!

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: Hehehe you mean friendship bracelets? Wow ... that was such a long time ago. Brings back a lot of memories :)

Kleio: I think she's just really interested in knitting, and has brought that interest to another more challenging level.

It's funny how I was such a tomboy in school, can't sew nor cook to save my life, but now I can cross-stitch, knit and cook (well, can do simple stuff lar). Tee hee hee :P

BC: HAHAHA!! I remembered you sewing in the toilet!! :P

Will send you the cloth samples soon.

jenny said...

It's really amazing and cute ler. It's not easy to make these small yet cute knitting stuff

Kerry Brain said...

I love these tiny garments.
Do you have a pattern for them.
Love trying new and exciting projects.