March 21, 2007

Help, I Want Me Own Dot Com!

Paris just got her own dot com (congratulations, girl!). I'll be damned if my kiasu-ness doesn't kick in and tell me I want one too!

I've been dabbling with the idea of getting my own domain for quite some time now. I've been writing for close to two years now, and you know lah, having my own dot com sounds real 'terror'. I started writing sporadically due to work and personal commitments, but since I've been writing a lot more these days, the desire to have my own domain increased significantly.

Got in touch with Paris on how she got hers set up, and she's been real helpful, giving me tips here and there (thanks, girl!). Of course, I wouldn't mind for more help, so, calling all you techy experts out there, time for you to shine! An eager-beaver blogger is requesting for your help on setting up of own dot com. Pretty please! Got reward one ;)

Just drop me an email if you can. Muchas gracias in advance.


pablopabla said...

A friend of Paris is a friend of me :P

I will try to help out whatever I can :)

zeroimpact said...

I think it all boils down to what you want your dot com to do
Then the right application like for instant blogs, you have wordpress, blogger and stuff like that

Tine said...

Pablopabla: Thanks very much! I've linked you btw :)

Zeroimpact: For now, it's more for blogs lah. Am currently trying out Wordpress. Noticed a lot of blogs start off from there, those with their own dot com, I mean. Good to learn more anyway ;)