March 31, 2007

Twitter Be Gone

Okay, I've tried this Twitter thingy, a fad popular amongst bloggers, for almost two weeks now. Honestly? It's a pretty useless widget; the site takes AGES to load, and it decreases MY site's loading time significantly. A fad's a fad ... everyone wants a piece of it, thus overloading the site. And when you DO update, it sometimes doesn't show! Useless lah, I say.

Anyhoos, I've removed it from the blog. For those who'd still want a piece of me on Twitter, you can check it out here. I may update, I may not. Chances are, I'll probably just let it die :p

What can I say? Twitter, you shan't be missed.


Jemima said...

I'm so glad you got rid of it. :p

Have a great weekend, my friend. :)

Kamigoroshi said...

There is no reason why anyone would put it on their blog.

Connecting it to their IM on the other hand is much better, which is what I did.

Paris said...

ROFLOL!! I was just trying it out because I saw it everywhere, and yes, I think its pretty useless. If I wanted to update it'll be on my blog proper, no?

Tine said...

Jem: Yeah, I'm glad I got rid of it too. The bugger really slowed down my page.

Kamigoroshi: Well, like Paris said, just to try it out. It tanked, obviously :p

Paris: Yep, my sentiments exactly :P