March 22, 2007

Running Errands

Told half a day off work today to run as many errands as I could before leaving for Japan this Sunday. Lots to do, lots to do.

First stop, the bank. Paid my monthly car installment. Sigh ... bloodsuckers (I'll always be sore about this; my bad for buying a brand new car instead of a second-hand one). Next, I went to the airport to buy pewter products for the Japanese folks I'm going to meet. It's funny eh, getting 'em from the airport since they normally overcharge customers. It was much later when I realised they charge at full price to tourists, but us locals get up to 35% discount. Yay for me. It was pretty siong buying pewter, but I figured I've got to make a lasting impression to my boss, trainer and friends in Japan, since it might be the last time I'm going to be there. What would Mum say? "Aiya, this kind of money, cannot be stingy one".

Also headed to Queensbay to get some costume jewellery and hair accessories for my Japanese girlfriends. I know that Japan stocks better accessories (although, they're not that much prettier though; we're definitely improving), but you'd be shocked at the prices. Also bought 'em Malaysian spices, tomyam paste, etc. Believe me, the ones I hung out with, they sure could handle spicy food.

Phew. That's all done, I s'pose. Now comes the hardest part. Packing. UGH.


Jemima said...

Have a safe & enjoyable trip, my friend. :)

Will miss you. ;)

TrueBluePenangite said...

Have lotsa fun in Japan, Tine. And indulge yourself by bringing back a little something that you can use at the wedding (eg accessories, hairpins, gloves etc) that will have you a good memory of Japan. Bon Voyage!!

zeroimpact said...

Packing is always hard
Never know what to bring
Have a safe journey!

beetrice said...

hehe...just keep thinking that you will be able to unload all the stuff there (and have space to bring new stuff back) and you'll be fine... :)

PS: dearie, next time go straight to the dealers themselves ie. Selangor Pewter or Temasek - they slash off the prices if you buy in 'bulk'!

Tine said...

Jemima: Thanks! Haven't left yet lah :P Will miss ya too ;)

Truebluepenangite: Oh, my sentiments exactly!! Will definitely be on a lookout for *ahem* weddingy stuff, hehe. The price is going to be a killer though :(

Thanks anyhoos :)

Zeroimpact: Well, this time I know what NOT to bring, and that's almost everything. Confusing you yet? ;)

Beetrice: This time, I'm bringing EVERYTHING back. Gotta vacate the room leh.

No time to go all the way down to town to the pewter shop lah. Anyways, I'm only buying 2-3 items, not in bulk! :P