March 20, 2007


UPDATE: Argh. Didn't expect this Twitter thingy to be so slow. The site now takes a significantly longer time to load, and data from Twitter's almost always loading; you can't see the live update. Drats. Will leave it for a couple more days, and if it still doesn't work as I want it to, it's outta here. Ppl, do you mind giving me some feedback on this, if you do see anything on my Twitter box? Thanks!

I've just added Twitter to the sidebar; I've seen it in action for quite a bit now, and I thought I'd try one out too. It's kinda like a shoutbox thingy, which I can use to update y'all on my going-ons. Well, when it's too short/brief/meaningless/nonsensical to be an actual entry.

Anyhoos, yeah, do check it out.


Jemima said...

Are you going to tell us when you're off to the washroom??? LOL

Tine said...

Jemima: Hahaha, not THAT bad lar. Not gonna tell you if it's a #1 or #2. HEHEHEHE!!

zeroimpact said...

It does slow down the page load of the sidebar and twitter seems to be not able to respond as you put it too
Is twitter going to last long in the net?

Kleio the Muse said...

Ack! another new kind of widget. There's just so many around these days. I too like to fool around with widgets. This widget of yours seems interesting. Unfortunately the slow loading is quite a turn-off then. Hmm.. maybe I'll test it out too.

Kamigoroshi said...

I only use Twitter to keep track what the rest of everyone is doing. The reason why the server is a bit slow is because it's going through a hype moment. So many people are starting to use Twitter and its putting a strain on their servers.

I usually use it with my IM, but even that's down being repaired right now.