July 10, 2007

Australian Visa Application

I'm currently in the midst of preparing all the relevant documents for application of spouse visa to Australia. My goodness, there sure is a LOT of paperwork involved in this. So much so I'm actually considering hiring an immigration agent to settle it for me. But I know I'd be charged an arm and a leg for their services, so I reckon I'll finally stick to doing it myself.

The relevant websites to go to for help weren't much help either. For example, I need to apply for a certificate of good conduct from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (just to show I've done no hanky panky, stole a loaf of bread, or slept with a horse. You know what I mean). The information was forwarded to me from the Australia High Commission website. Check out what I need.

Australia High Commission

23 passport-sized photos???!!

What the hell do they need so many passport-sized photos for?? Probably thinking of putting my photos on posters and stick 'em up everywhere just to check with the good people if I'm all right. Tsk tsk tsk. Anyways, thank goodness I checked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website before I went for the gusto and print me that many copies of my photo (I'm vain; just not that vain). It was a typo; they only needed two copies. Tsk tsk tsk.

It's going to be a long and expensive process. Gotta renew passport (bye bye RM300), print extra photos, purchase bank drafts, etc etc JUST to send out an application form, in which I'm not actually guaranteed the visa. Bugger.

Anyways, wish me luck, people. Oh, and if anyone of you out there knows of the process, and can give me some pointers, I'd be most grateful. Coffee's on me (for those living in Penang lah) :)


Anonymous said...

can you enlighten me of how did your spouse got to australia at first? i'd like to find out how can i get a visa there or possibly migrate?

Jemima said...

I will email you later.. a few personal contacts for you to get in touch with.

I am sure they will be able to assist you with any info you need.

All the best with the application, my friend. :)

ParisB said...

OMG 23 photos!! And LOL at sleeping with a horse. Reminds me of the news article where the man was caught for sleeping with a sheep that later died! :O

Kamigoroshi said...

I think that's a serious typo because the last time I applied. All I needed was 2 photos.

Then again, maybe it's because you're pretty enough and they want more of you. Make sure you write your phone number at the back of the pictures...just in case. :P

Pinkelle said...

All the best with your application! :) My friend did hers on her own and she said it wasn't too complicated. Just make sure you have all the documents they want and for those not in English, get a certified English translation.

It should be easier if you're applying for a spouse kind of visa.

Misery said...

let me know if you need any assistance, I applied for my visa on my own as well.

email me.

Timodee said...

maybe what the department's doing is by saying you'd have to provide 23 photos, that will be a good enough deterrent for those who delve into shady activities (alamak, they getting collaboration from FBI? haha)

Tine said...

Anonymous: He's currently working there (for over 3 years now), and applied for PR when he was there. As for the actual details, I'm afraid I'm not too sure. But drop me an email if you wish to know more; I'll check with him.

Jemima: Thanks for the email and your help, girl. I'll reply you tonight :)

Paris: Hahahaha, have to prove I'm not involved in shady activities leh :p

Kamigoroshi: Siao one, the site. Tsk tsk tsk. Oh my, 23 photos with my phone number on it? I'd be looking at solicitation :p

Pinkelle: Thanks :) I reckon can do on my own; it's just that I was advised by a colleague to go through an agent. But for the price that they're charging, I'd rather leave that to the very end.

Misery: Will do, thanks ;)

Tim: What're they going to do? Stick my face up on posters and say "you'll get your loan approved AND this girl" ?? :P

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