July 25, 2007

Birthday Wishes For My Monkey

To my dearest Tim, on your birthday,

Birthday Cake

How I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you, like you did with me when I was in Melbourne (which was so wonderful, by the way). My heart's so heavy to know that you're alone in ulu Shepparton on your day.

Here's to many more birthdays, and that I will be able to celebrate with you in many many years to come :)

I love you.


PS: Oh, and since I can't get you a cake, here's a ... err ... virtual one for now :p Make a wish!


Jemima said...

Happy Birthday, Tim. :)

May your birthday wishes come true.

littleComma said...

aawwww ... this is so sweet. :)

Timodee said...

Thanks for all your well wishes.
Tine: Hope you get well soon. Rest more and keep the fluids up ya? Kisses