July 27, 2007

Cold Turkey From The Internet

No thanks to my dear papa who didn't think it was necessary to pay our Streamyx bill ("aiya, two months didn't pay nia, like this also kena cut"), we now do not have Internet access at home. Not just that, even AFTER we paid our bill (really, I could have easily ran that errand for him, if he'd TOLD me), something was wrong, and we still could not connect to the Internet.

My brother encountered an error when he connected the RJ45 cable to his notebook and tried to dial in - "The remote computer is not responding, blah, blah, blah". So we thought the modem's knocked out again (we switched to a new modem at the beginning of the year, no thanks to a thunderstorm back then which fried the modem). Brother bought a new modem, hooked it in, and the same error occurred!!

So now, we have two working modems, and no idea on what the heck's wrong with our Internet access. The TMNET service hotline ain't much help either. For the past couple of days, I've been very Internet-free, unless I'm at the office (called in sick yesterday, no Internet for the whole day; thanks for the email, Jem).

Oh and believe me, the withdrawal symptoms are showing. For the first day, I was irritable, constantly checking the modem, switching it on and off to see if, by some miracle, it'll work again, etc. By the second day, things got a little better. I was finally catching up on my reading, and my eyes didn't feel so strained. Oh, and the mood's getting better too.

I may or may not have Internet access during the weekend, so yeah, I reckon it's a good break. The Internet's become such a drug for me, and I really need to go cold-turkey. *break out in cold sweat*

Wish me luck, folks. And y'all have a good weekend now.


tihtahpah said...

in truth, i only blog at work...seriously. and only go online at work. i used to have internet at home years ago and figured that i really need to strike a balance. so after work, no internet, and doing things with the computer out of sight!

beetrice said...

*hysterical laughter*...trust your dad to do something like that...mind you, his brother (also known to me as DAD) is not far behind!!

Geez...blame it on the family genes! (thank GOD it only seems to be manifesting itself in the MALES)

zeroimpact said...

If you pay it via the counter then your service should be revived in a couple of hours
If by credit card or so, you need to call them, and give them the transaction code
Any way, they suck big time.

Tine said...

Tihtahpah: Most of my blogging time's at work (shhhh!!). I try to limit it, because, you know lah, of all the news about getting *gulp* fired from blogging at work and all that. But you do have a point; I really have to limit my blogging till I don't touch it at home. Thanks for the reminder :)

Beetrice: Hallelujah! The FEMALES of the family's at least still "working" properly! :D

Zeroimpact: Yeah, tell me about it. Apparently they need THREE working days to sort out a probably really minor problem. Geez.