July 24, 2007

One Dry Blogger

God I'm tired.

I have exhausted my mind of what to write for today. Ever had that feeling? When you're an almost-daily blogger, it sometimes seems like such a feat to dig deep into your brains as to what you want to write about. I've been feeling rather dry for a week now.

Tired out

You wanna keep your readers, you gotta be witty. Gotta be original. Gotta be this, gotta be that. It's such an exhaustive checklist.

Methinks I've been reading too many blogs about blogging, that it's putting a whole lot of pressure on me to come up with pillar entries, solid content, etc. It has come to a point where I wake up in the morning, and one of the first thoughts in my mind is "what shall I write today?". Somehow, all these must-do lists are at the verge of driving me nuts. It really takes away the fun in writing.

I'm sure a lot of you will say "it's your blog, do what you will with it, who cares what other people think?". Or "you're not earning money with this blog, do not worry so much about your stats, ranking, etc".

See, that's the thing. It is my blog. Something which I've taken the time and effort to spruce up, to write and reach out, and to gain good readership (well, I think it's good for me anyway). A project which was initially carried out on a whim, but now has turned into something I'm proud of. I wouldn't want that to go down the drain just because I'm getting lazy.

Yet, that's what I'm feeling now. Tired. Lazy. Not motivated. Dry.

Sigh. Do you sometimes feel like this too? Or is it just me?

PS: Well whaddya know? After all the rambling above, I actually wrote something today.


Paris said...

I go through phases like that too. Blogging can be very tiring sometimes so on days when I have no inspiration, I just don't write anything um... like now LOL

Tine said...

Paris: Yeah, I'm going through a bout of "too much information" from reading too many blogs about blogging, that I'm in a real block now. Sigh.

pablopabla said...

Blogging is not easy. Monetising makes it worse. If blogging is becoming a chore when previously it was not, something must be wrong somewhere.

Adino said...

I felt the exact same way today, and I only managed to get up a blog post after lunch. By that time, I seem to have missed all the morning web traffic. Going to be a slow traffic day for my blog today :(

Kok said...

Hi Tine,
I have this feeling since few days back. I was trying to complete a tag but with no inspiration...

zewt said...

i can relate to this... damn, this is exactly how i feel. but i have not reached the stage where i ran out of ideas. not yet perhaps.

i know what it means to start a blog with an intention of just writing but end up having quite a good readership. well, mine is just ok i guess but it's still something.

maybe what they say is true... we shouldnt worry too much about the stats.

tihtahpah said...

hey..been blogging for some time now, maybe just over 1 year, and yeah it does exhausts me sometimes trying think of what to write. but most of the time, writing about experience is the easiest, and thoughts and opinions. unless u have no thoughts whatsoever hahaha.

zeroimpact said...

Still, I would say do what we think but then it's not so easy, It happens once a while, but then it will pass

Jo said...

Thats almost all i ever wrote in my blog - rant

Tine said...

Pablo: I agree. I'm still trying to think what's wrong with me :(

Adino: Yeah, somehow the web traffic's a lot higher in the morning. Hehe, I reckon the rest are like me too; reach the office, switch on the PC, make yerself a cuppa coffee, and then switch on your RSS reader. Heheheh

Kok: Sigh. Tell me about it.

Zewt: Dude, just how do you do it??

Tihtahpah: Hmm true also. But for now, I've pretty much exhausted my ... err ... experiences. Unless I write the *ahem* juicier ones. Oooooh, project :p

Zeroimpact: Thanks :)

Jo: That's what it's there for ;)

Kleio the Muse said...

On the contrary, I currently has so much ideas on what to write, it's just that I never did find the time for it. It's the opposite now for me I guess. Because back then, I used to despair as to what topic I should write about etc etc and not bore my online frens shitless. Now it's like OMG I want to write about this and then about that... and never gotten the time to actually do it! LOL. Sucks! What irony. It's like know I have so much things that excite me that I wanted so much to share but can't. LOL. That's bad. Or which is worst? *roll eyes*

Anyhow, I understand your dilemma here as I used to get this sort of feelings too. It will pass eventually. Just relax and before you know it... POP! an idea would have struck you senseless. The more stressed and pressured you are, all the more you will find you mind blank from ideas. AND stop reading and jamming your poor brain on blogging how-tos, tips and such. No wonder you are all stressed out.

Just be yourself, and enjoy it ;)
I personally find that bloggers who are poignant and able to reflect their true characters in their postings to be very charming and interesting. Like you always do ;)

Tine said...

Kleio: Aww thanks girl. I'm touched :)

Well, it comes and goes for me. Sometimes I'll have so much to talk about, and I'd be firing away on my keyboard. But sometimes, I'd be thinking about what to write, from the time I drive to work, at work, and till I'm home!! Sad eh?

Yeah, really gotta stay away from the blogging blogs. They're really freaking me out :(