July 18, 2007

Harry Potter 7 - A Plea To All

Okay, as y'all know, the final book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be out this Saturday (21 July). I've been following the series; I have all the books (made it into a neat lil' collection), and am anxiously waiting for the final book to be out so that I can know who did or did not die.

A plea to all bloggers and readers - please, please, PLEASE do NOT reveal the plot on PPS when the book's out, and when you're finally done with it. There really is no need for spoilers and rob the pleasure of those who enjoy the series.

Last night, I received a comment from an anonymous person, who wrote a brief summary of the plot, who died and all that, even stating the page number, and chapters. Thank goodness I saw it as soon as it was posted, and it was promptly deleted.

I did not believe a single word he/she wrote because it just seemed rather ridiculous. But it's so childish for him/her to actually post it as a comment on a post totally irrelevant to the subject. Grow up, will ya? And stop spamming other blogs with this (I have an inkling he/she did this to other blogs too).

Children's stories or not, when you've followed the series for 4 years, you wanna finish it properly. Not like this. I actually already have the e-book to the final book (acquired it last month, quite by accident. Can't vouch for its authenticity though), but I did not even look at it. I'd rather wait for the book.

So people, be nice. Keep the story to yourself even after you've read it. Just to be safe, till I'm done with the book, I'm staying away from PPS.


lainsss said...

i totally agree! i hate people who reveal spoilers. ugh.

Jemima said...

Hahaha.. I'm the safest friend you can contact - both in reality & on blogs. I'm not a HP fan. :p

Timodee said...

the only thing i find difficult to swallow is the fact that they've set up helplines (in Oz)leading up to the publishing of this novel so that people can call in for support if they were too distressed from the book...huh??? is this not a fictional book? i think the current generation just seems to become so attached and obsessed to 'fantasy'; I feel it's sad that people can relate more to books than people. (don't get me wrong, I enjoy the books)

darylyeak said...

haha! yeah the anonymous fella spammed my blog too..

xpyre said...

That anonymous commenter got it wrong anyway. If you check out sites like Muggle.net, you'll see that among the confirmed facts is that the last word in the whole book is the word "scar". JK Rowling has confirmed this. The fler got it wrong. It invalidates everything he/she/it's said.

Tine said...

Lainsss: I know! Just like those who put up movie spoilers as well. It would be fine if you wanna write the spoiler on your blog. Hey, it's yours, right? But what I really tak boleh tahan is when these people write "XXX DIES IN BOOK/MOVIE!!" as the subject and post them only ping directories. I mean, yeah, I can refrain from reading your blog, but I can still SEE the words on your subject. Geez.

Jemima: Ahhh ... good, good. You're safe. Tee hee hee!

Tim: Wahlau, serious? Helpline for Harry Potter distress?? What next??

I guess, for the stressed, books provide a safer haven for them to delve into, rather than reality.

Darylyeak: Dammit. Who's the bugger?

Xpyre: Yeah, I thought it was wrong. Just doesn't seem right anyway. JK Rowling mentioned about killing off 2 important characters. The anonymous commentor stated almost everyone dies! What the ...??

Kleio the Muse said...

Excited to know you are a fan of the Harry Potter series too. I could totally identify with your sentiments here. I would have wanted to get my hands around the neck of whoever dares spoils the ending of this story for me *cracking fingers threateningly and glares*.

Btw, I collected all of it too. Just like you I am anxious to get my hands on the last book to complete it. I could just read and re-read it again and again w/o getting bored with it. Always makes me laugh and filled with excitement. Then again, it's probably due to me having too poor a memory to remember the plots, which is why I could still find it fun to re-read it. LOL. I guess, it's a blessing in disguise no.

It is also my custom to re-read the previous book again before going on to the new one. As a refresher. My style.

River of said...

Who cares about spoilers....I'm just happy we're being rid of this overhyped marketing ploy....

Kew said...

Cant Wait till tomorrow.. first thing i will do is read the last page and then publish on my blog... hahaha.. no no.. dont worry, wont be doing that...

Tine said...

Kleio: OMG, I'm just like you! If I deem the book good, I normally read it at least twice.

As for the Harry Potter book, I re-read the Half Blood Prince a few weeks ago just to catch up with the plot in order to understand the final installment. Still, I found it (and the Order of the Phoenix) to be rubbish. The first 4 books were still the best.

River of: As much as I wanna read the book, I'm going to have to agree with you about the overhyped marketing ploy bit. It's getting way out of hand. I reckon there'll be tears if a loved character dies.

Kew: Oi!! Don't leh!! Let me read first!! :p

zeroimpact said...

Getting the book is a challenge
With hooligan mentality
Hope you get the book soon and of coz, no telling of the story