July 17, 2007

Question of the Day - Keep Or Sell?

I have an odd habit.

Everyday, after lunch, I always like to come up with questions for my colleagues, and we'd have a short discussion, just before we head back to our desks and continue with our work . I really have no idea why I like to do it. Food for tummy, and after that, for thought? Perhaps.

So, for today, instead of just asking my colleagues, I'd like to open today's question to the, er, blogger floor as well.

Today's question was - "What's your dream car? The car that you most love to own. Something that you've been wanting for a long time. It's something which you have to work hard in order to get (not something totally impossible to buy, but can only own in the next ten years or so). One day, you realised you've won the first prize in a competition; lo and behold, it's your dream car. What would you do? Would you keep the car, or would you sell it? Why?"

There's no right nor wrong answers. Just something to think about. I'll give you my answer at the end of the day ;)


parisb said...

Probably a Beemer which I probably won't be able to afford. But if I get one in a contest, I'd sell it and pay off my loan for my existing car and maybe my house too! Some cars are just meant to live in dreams for me because I'm too practical - road tax, insurance, maintenance costs... better to drive a small car ;) so do i win? hehe...

Gallivanter said...

I'll keep it for a year or so then sell it. :-)

kooi said...

Honda City! It is fuel efficient and just the right size to maneuver myself in Penang. And I guess I'd use it since I don’t have a car. :)

TrueBluePenangite said...

An 18 year old confused girl drove into my 1999 Daewoo Nubira Station Wagon last month and totalled my car. It's so sad and I had to buy a new car so I agonized over this for a long time. My dream car was a Beemer or a Range Rover but what I can afford now is a Honda Accord, so it's MINE! And I love it. It's a great, affordable car in the States and it is super reliable. So it's not a Beemer...big deal. The only sad part, I had to finance it. Cars are usually so cheap here that you can buy junky cars (like I did for years) with cash.

Timodee said...

My dream car would of course be a Porsche 911 turbo :P It is still a dream, but hopefully, with lots of slaving and wise investments I might be able to reach my goal of owning one (but yeah, only for awhile, because the maintenance costs would just kill off a chinaman like me, hehe)
If I won a car in a competition, it'd depend on what car it is; to be honest, even if it was a beemer, I'd sell it off in a heartbeat (not my thing, and I don't see why ppl are soo entranced by it)

Tine said...

Paris: Hahaha, same here. Will sell off the car too. Maintenance costs are far too high.

Funny how a lot of ladies answered a Beemer. I asked my colleague, and he naturally answered a Ferrari :p

Gallivanter: But then hoh, it'll depreciate so much, you'll lose half the value leh.

Kooi: I'd like meself a wee Nissan March :P

Truebluepenangite: Wahhhhhhhhh shiok man. Honda Accord. Can't afford that here. You know lah, cars in Malaysia are so freakin' expensive. Welcome to paying mortgage for CARS :p (no way we can pay by cash here without working for less than 3 years, unless you have side income, and live like a pauper)

Tine said...

Tim: Hehehe ... shall I play the "Dream Dream" song by The Everly Brothers for you, my dear? :p I reckon the maintenance fee for that car for a year could buy you ANOTHER car :p

(A Beemer ain't my thang either :p)

Kleio the Muse said...

Well... for me, I would love to own a 4x4. Why such a macho car for a woman you ask? My answer is quite simply because, so that no road bully could push me off the lane! I'll pack it up strong and sturdy with Kangaroo bars and such. Then I'll them em to come get me if they dare. Muahahahahahahaha.

Thing is, I have yet to decide which make I want wor. But, it will have to be an automatic gear I am sure. LOL

Tine said...

Kleio: Wahh get a Humvee :p Then you'll be KING of the road :p

I suck at manual transmission too. It's gotta be an auto.

Kok said...

Hello Tine,
I probably would go for Honda NSX. If I was to win the car, I think I'll sell it off although most of these competitions would have terms and conditions (must keep the car). To me, car is just something to increase your mobility. A lousy car can do so, a good car can do the same. I'll probably sell it and get the money to invest. The profit from there, I can still get the car I want. :P