July 08, 2007

Rain, Rain, Please Don't Go Away

It's been raining all weekend. Even though it meant that I was stuck at home the whole time, still I was very glad for the rain, as it eased the haze for a bit. The air does not smell of smoke when I wake up.

Raindrops on leaf

Still, as I was on my way to dinner with my family last night, we drove past an area where some idiots were doing open burning. Initially, we thought it was dengue fogging, but after a while, we smelt heavy smoke. Okay, what gives, people?? Enough that our beloved neighbour's so in love with us, that they want us to share their utter 'joy' in inhaling smoke, you wanna join in the fun too? I thought the government banned open burning! Gah.


Anyways, I'm enjoying the rain while it lasts. The smell of rain against the grass is ... hmm ... heavenly. How nice to just curl up in your favourite spot, with some soft music playing in the background, enjoying a book with a nice cuppa, eh? ;)


Paris said...

*prays for rain here in KL* its horrendously hot!

rheiboy17 said...

rain - the name of my car. with the rain comes the traffic though.
but its quite refreshing after the scourging heat (we're both from the tropics)

Tine said...

Paris: *do a major rain dance for the rain to spread all over* :p

Rheiboy17: My sentiments exactly. It's been so hot lately, and the rain sure improves the situation :)