July 03, 2007

My Yahoo Weather Widget Manyak Terror

My Yahoo Weather widget showed me this just now.

Yahoo Weather Widget

See that brownish smudge from the sun towards the temperature? Initially I thought it was a smudge on my monitor, but then I realised, woah, it actually meant the HAZE.

Not bad eh, even Yahoo weather also know how to put the haze into the widget. Terror betui.

Lastly .... oi, Indonesia! Why do you hate us so??? Kena us some many times, still not enough, izzit? *grumble grumble*


Jemima said...

Get ready your face mask, my friend.

The worst is yet to come. :(


zeroimpact said...

That sounds like, as I don't know normally what is happening beyond these concrete walls other than before, lunch or after work
And I still do not understand about the haze issue, too many involvement for too many parties I think

zewt said...

did u read the news today? haze days are here to stayz....

Tine said...

Jemima: Yeah. Sigh. Every morning I wake u and smell smoke. Grrr :(

Zeroimpact: Oh well, you go outside and sniff the air lor. Sure hit you one :p

Zewt: Yeah, ain't that a kick in the you-know-where :(

TrueBluePenangite said...

Sounds like it's going to be allergy season again. Take Claritin for the sniffles!!

Merv Kwok said...

they love us too much that's why they want to share their haze with us. Haha. It's that time of the year again sigh.. I swear we're all gonna die of lung cancer

Tine said...

Truebluepenangite: Sigh. Ya lor. Claritin ya? Got it!

Merv: We should bill the buggers. Really. For our grief and stress every twice a year. *grumble*