July 15, 2007

They Don't Want My Blood!

So I went to the hospital today, all gung-ho to donate a pint of me blood. I was pretty jittery last night, all down to nerves, y'see. My friend came to pick me up, and there we were in the clinic, pretty nervous, but quite excited to experience something new.

There was a form we had to fill up; usual questions about your family history and all that. There was one particular question, asking if any of us has been to Europe for the past 10 years, and have stayed there for over 6 months. I ticked yes.

When they called out my name to get my blood pressure tested, they looked at my form, and then asked me how long I've been in Europe, if I was in the UK, and how long I was there for. Told them I studied in the UK for three years, but I came back in 2003, and have had a clean bill of health.

"Oh like that ah? Sorry miss, we cannot use your blood. It's our policy to not take the blood of those who have been in Europe, especially the UK, for over 6 months. Mad cow disease, y'see".

What the ... ??? CHEH, got me all worked up and excited for NOTHING!! I know that Australia has that policy (Tim can't donate blood in Australia either because of that), but I didn't know Malaysian hospitals have that policy too. Still, if I were a vegetarian, they might actually take my blood, but sorry folks, I like my steaks too much :p

Oh well, a good thing too, I guess, 'cos my friend actually passed out after donating her blood. Unfortunately, she got up a tad too early, and got too woozy (they poked her twice with the huge-ass needle (ouch!!), 'cos they couldn't find a proper vein to stick the needle in). Gave us quite a scare then, but alls well ends well.

So people, I can't give you my blood, but feel free to give me yours. Tee hee hee!


Kamigoroshi said...

Haha!! Mad Cow. Hahaha!! Moo! Moo! Hahaha!!

I donate my blood every 3 months though even over here in Australia. Just book an appointment in advance. Fill out the forms and bob's your uncle. I actually feel fresher after donating. Maybe I've got too much blood in me. :)

l i t t l e c o m m a said...

Hahhaha ... ! I can understand your anxiety cos I have never donated blood before too. And, not that I don't want to but I couldn't. I'm under weight and instead of me donating blood, they gave me some supplements. :)

zewt said...

there has been inconsistency... i was denied in the same manner as you did... but my colleague... who happened to be my uni mate... was given green light... i think it depends on the nurse... our malaysian ways of doing things.

Tine said...

Kamigoroshi: Hardy ha ha :p

Hehehe, they say that it's good to donate your blood once every three months. Kinda like to replenish the lost blood with new ones :p

Little Comma: Hahaha, same goes for my mum. I'm definitely MORE than qualified to give blood, but they still don't want it. Oh well, their loss :p

Zewt: Ya lah. Mad cow konon. Tsk tsk tsk.

pablopabla said...

Got this policy meh? I donated blood within 2 years of my coming back from the land of Mad Cows. But perhaps it has got to do with my beef-free diet then. Then again, I don't recall them asking if I ate beef or things like that or whether I was out of the country.

Adino said...

I felt exactly the way you did when I went to donate blood a few years ago. So scared.

Nurse: Let me check your blood pressure first...

Me: OK *sweating*

Nurse: Relax relax...

Me: *heart beat faster*

Nurse: Erm... we cannot take your blood. Blood pressure quite high.

Me: I don't have high blood pressure problem, just go ahead.

Nurse: Cannot, we cannot deal with any emergency here.

Me: What!?

Jemima said...

What blood group are you? :p

Gallivanter said...

Mad Cow disease? Nothing like a good booze session to solve that, will I be seeing you this weekend? :-)

Tine said...

Pablopabla: Dunno lah. Just started kot. Funny lil' buggers. Oh well, no complaints lah :p

Adino: Hahahahha ... your blood pressure probably went up because of your nerves! :p

Jemima: O+. Universal donor. Still, since I can't donate, I'll take take take! MUAHAHAHA!

Gallivanter: Oooooh what's on this weekend?

Gallivanter said...

The BLOGGER BOOZE that I'm organizing of course... :-P Come la!

Adino said...

Yeah, of course it's because of my nerves la. I wished it was because of a hot nurse, but sadly she was quite "aunty".

Tine said...

Gallivanter: Aiya, it's in KL lah friend. Jom mai Penang :P

Adino: Hehehehe, awww never mind lar. Try again, next time you get one hot hoochie-mama to take your blood :p

zewt said...

maybe we looked mad.

Tine said...

Zewt: Yeah, but I didn't moo them what :p