July 29, 2007

Be A Charitable Blogger

The weekend's almost over. Ugh. Doesn't even feel as though it began.

I'm still running a bit of a dry spell here, so do forgive the sporadic and non-substantial entries.

Anyways, just a short note for today, and a shoutout to those taking part in the Blogathon 2007. For those whom I know are doing the Blogathon (namely Kamigoroshi and Pelf), keep up the good work. It definitely ain't easy staying up 24 hours and churning posts every 30 minutes. Two big thumbs up for you two. And for the rest who are doing the Blogathon too, I'm real proud of ya. I'm sorry I couldn't pledge much; still, I hope it helps.

People, do sponsor these bloggers on their mission.

The money does not go into their pockets, but to their charitable organisation which they're doing this for. If you can do the countless memes, you can pledge. A little goes a long way. Let's do our part for the community, eh? (at the very least, one less gripe our gah-men will have against us "bloggers")

PS: On a sidenote, I'm totally hooked on Facebook. Help!


tihtahpah said...

isn't facebook something like friendster???

Jemima said...

I've been supporting Pelf since she first started her mission last year. Glad to know that you had sponsored too. :)

zeroimpact said...

For a charitable cause!!!
We should all do that
Really proud of them who does it especially for such good causes

TenthOfMarch said...

Ah, found you at last :-) Thanks for your pledge and help spreading the word.

Tine said...

Tihtahpah: It's MUCH better than Friendster. Friendster's pathetic compared to Facebook. No wonder it's worth so much :p

Jem: That's great to hear :)

Zeroimpact: Yeah, can't imagine it's easy coming out with 49 posts, one every half hour. Kudos to them :)

Tenthofmarch: No worries, just lemme know how to pay up ;)

Pete said...

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