July 02, 2007

Ten Years Ago ...

I met up with a very dear friend of mine, Dor, over the weekend. She recently came back to Penang for good after working in Sabah for a few years. It was really good seeing her again, especially now that she's expecting (by the way, four months along, and not a bump in sight??? Are you sure you're pregnant ah??).

We had such a good time reminiscing about the good 'ol times (we've known each other since Standard 4!), and how it's been ten years since we've left secondary school.

Gosh. It's been ten years since I've left secondary school. Where has the time gone?

I can still remember what life was like ten years ago. It all seemed like yesterday ...
  • Going to McDonalds for a meal and to catch up with friends was a luxury.
  • Being envious of friends who can drive ("wahhh you got lesen already ah? Terror man!"), and feeling so proud to be in a car of a friend who's the same age as you, and driving without an adult present.
  • Wearing makeup only meant that you're going to go on stage.
  • Ringing up huge telephone bills because I was up all night chatting with my girls on no particular subject (Mobile phone? Hello, what mobile phone?).
  • It was cool bringing a boom-box to school on Teacher's Day, Speech Day, Whatever Day, and dancing to music with moves which will make you cringe now.
  • Lasting on a RM2 per weekday allowance was no problem at all (there would still be spare cash left at the end of the week for shopping).
  • Not being able to talk to boys because I get all tongue-tied, flushed, and ended up making a fool of myself most of the time.
  • Getting burnt under the sun whilst marching in a Red Crescent uniform was no problem for me (I'm too vain to get all dark again like before now :p)
  • Not burdened with tuition classes on every subject under the sun, and still being able to pass my SPM examinations.
  • Having a group of very close friends whom you can talk and share about anything in the world with, and they'll still wanna be with you regardless.

Even though life's no longer as simple as before, I'm still thankful to God that my bestest friends are still the ones who remain with me from secondary school. Even though we live in different continents, I'm so glad that our friendship still remained.

Chin, May, Dor, you girls have been the pillars of my life for so many years now, and I'm so glad you still are. I love you.

So ... what was life like for you ten years ago?


pablopabla said...

10 years ago, at this moment, I was studying like crazy for my CLP exam and having nightmares :P

Greenleaf said...

10 years ago, I'm a small kid studying in primary school and running here and there in the school with my friends.

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beetrice said...

oh god...I can't remember what I was doing like 10 minutes ago, and U're asking 10 YEARS??

hmm...10yrs ago, I was probably running around like a chicken with no head thanks to the upcoming PMR exams then - seems so foolish now eh? *lolz*

Jemima said...

10 years ago... let me go dig out my personal archives in my dungeon.. LOL

Are any of those girls your bridesmaids to be? ;)

Timodee said...

10 years ago, I was still in college (endless hours of Red Alert in cyber-cafes, even during lecture sessions :P, lepaking at malls, hanging out late into the night but getting reprimanded by parents thereafter ^_^)
Definitely a fun-filled and carefree time for me (but minus spending power, which is a drag)

zeroimpact said...

I think I was still in secondary
Mamak, PS, clubbing, BBQing, Tea
The good old time

zewt said...

surviving on RM2???that's incredible... i left school 12 years ago... so i think 10 years ago... i was just finishing my A-levels and feeling the euphoria of entering uni.

yeah... going to McD for a meal to catch up is certainly a luxury now.

TrueBluePenangite said...

One word for you, Tine. CHEW CHEW!!! And singing "Colors of the Wind", hoping desperately for rain. P/s sorry for being MIA for so long...have been super busy...long story about a totalled car, buying a new one and all the hassle that it entails. Later dahlink. And I thank God for you, Misery and our group of 8 in my life. Love you lots

Tine said...

Pablopabla: Hehe, see, all the hard work paid off, no?

Greenleaf: Gosh, primary school? Man, you're young. Run along, you're depressing me :p (kidding kidding)

Beetrice: Same lah, but it was SPM for me. Good times :)

Jemima: Yep, Chin and May are :) So glad they agreed to be my bridesmaids :)

Tim: Wahh so lucky. Get to lepak. I don't get :(

Zeroimpact: Yeah good times indeed *reminisce good ol' times* :)

Zewt: Yeah, RM2 per day was absolutely NO problem for me. But then again, it's because I don't go to mamak places like the rest. Deprived eh? :P

Truebluepenangite: Ahhh CHEW CHEW!! Nope, never going to forget that. HAHAHAHAHA!! No worries girl, take yer time ;)

zewt said...

it's ok... u can mamak as much as u want now...

hey... if no one spam u... can turn off the word verification ah?

Tine said...

Zewt: Yeah true also :p

Ok lorr, for you, I turn off. But if I kena spam, then I'm a-gonna blame you. Muahahaha! :p

TrueBluePenangite said...

Yay, you turned off the spam thingie!!!!

charmedcookie said...

10 years ago?...i was a "banana" living in a double-storey house with 10 mandarin-speaking ppl!!