July 14, 2007

I'm A-Gonna Give Some Red Goo Tomorrow

I'll be doing something I've never done before tomorrow. It's going to be a totally new experience for me, and for that, I'm absolutely FREAKING out.


I'm going to donate blood.


Okay, okay, I know, regular blood donaters would probably scoff "Gawd, what a doozy". But really, for someone who initially freaked out on a blood test (I'm okay with it now. Gawd what a doozy :p), this time, the needle's going to be 1.5 times the size of the needle used for drawing blood for tests (that's what Tim told me anyway).

I keep having to remind myself, it's all for a good cause. A good friend's grandfather recently had surgery, and needed to have bags of blood replaced. Anyways, I'm not going alone; another friend of mine's coming along as well, and it's her first time too.

Will let y'all know how it went. For now, my mantra is: I will not be chickenshit. I will not be chickenshit *gulp*.


Kamigoroshi said...

It's fun actually. The needle goes in. You see the blood go out. It's just quite interesting. Just be sure you rest and eat what they offer you right after.

Then again see, I have a morbid sense of curiosity and I also work in the health science industry. I have every reason to jump in kiddish joy at the sight of my own blood coming out and the needle going in.

River of Karma said...

hey tine,
don worry laa...the only uncomfortable part is the needle going in....once everything is moving , u dont feel a thing...

infact, i'd suggest u bring a book cos sitting there not moving for 10-15mins can get u a lil agitated.

have fun...

beetrice said...

Haha...it's not THAT bad ma dear..just don't look if you cannot tahan - I'm a real wussy when it comes to needles as well, so I just 'buat tak tau' when they're jabbing me!

Tine said...

Kamigoroshi: Uuuuggghhh ... thanks but no thanks. In these cases, I look as far away FROM the needle as possible :p

River of Karma: Thanks. Still, the needle would make me queasy :p

Beetrice: Oooh you donate before ah? Wahhh terror betui :p