July 31, 2007

Facebook Rocks


I'm positively hooked on Facebook. Really. Don't ask me why, I have absolutely no idea. I mean, I thought Friendster was rubbish. If not for most of my old kindymates, schoolmates, unimates, colleagues (it's not enough that we already see each other every weekday; we HAVE to be friends on the Internet too) already on that social networking site, I wouldn't even go on it.

But Facebook, oh, it's actually interactive! You get to throw tripe at your friends, give 'em a noogie, give 'em a round of free beer (well, a tiny 48x48 pixeled drink, but who's keeping count?), scribble on their wall, the works. It was a tad complicated to get the hang of at first, but now, I keep it on almost constantly. At home, I mean. Can't live it on at work; top management's already complaining that Friendster's now the #1 accessed site on the Internet at work. That, and Jobstreet (tee hee!).

Too bad it's on the verge of closing down. Gonna headbutt as many people as I can before it does. Hehe :p


Kamigoroshi said...

I've been on it for months now. Add me to Facebook. It's easy to find me, just look our for my name. :)

zeroimpact said...

Though it sits kind of a dormant coz I don't have time to update my facebook
but the zombie and vampires are starting to act on me
Fun fun fun facebook

littleComma said...

Hey ! Me2 .. I'm so hooked on facebook too !! There's so many applications that you can add on and it's soo much better than friendster *agree*agree* !

Tine said...

Kamigoroshi: Yep, added you ;) (and keep my name hush hush! :p)

Zeroimpact: Hahaha, yeah, I know what you mean :p

Littlecomma: Agree! Agree! ;p

Timodee said...

Join my zombie army la baby, hehe.
Don't get caught red-handed at work ok? hehe

Tine said...

Tim: Don't want lah dear. So ugly, spoil my pretty site nia. Heheheh :p